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Balanced Life Chiropractic located in Sidney, Ohio is dedicated to assisting people make a positive change in their lives through a holistic approach called chiropractic. The team at Balanced Life Chiropractic is highly committed to helping you and the members of your family reach your health and wellness goals whether you have a chronic illness, an underlying health concern or are looking for optimal wellbeing. This is done through individualized care plans that align with your needs and overall goals. When visiting Balanced Life Chiropractic, you will immediately notice the “at home” feel of our office. The atmosphere is friendly while keeping a high rate of professionalism. We encourage you to explore the remainder of our website and are excited to assist you with your journey towards better health. When you are ready, please contact us at 937.492.3800. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Mission Statement
Balanced Life Chiropractic’s purpose is to INSPIRE each practice member through proper chiropractic education. To ADJUST the mindset that lack of symptoms does not equal health and to help TRANSFORM the lives of entire families.